Global Azure Day 2020 – Omaha!

In the light of ongoing events, Global Azure Day is suspended. Health and Safety of the community members come first. We’re working on the possibility of organizing an online event instead and we will have an update next week or so. Stay tuned!

All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing!

This year, all communities will come together once again in the seventh great Global Azure event! Each user group organizes their own one to three day Azure event the way they see fit and how it works for their members. The result is that thousands of people will get together to learn about Azure and join together online under the social media hashtag #GlobalAzure!

Omaha Azure User Group was formed to promote a community of people that are interested in understanding the benefits of Azure and to learn from others how they are leveraging the platform to solve business problems. Omaha Azure User Group has been a part of Azure Tech Communities as of November’2019. For more details, please visit – https://omahaaug.com/

Omaha Azure User Group will also participate in the Global Azure event this year and organize a full day Azure event for Omaha Azure family to learn about Azure together! The Global Azure Day 2020 – Omaha will take place on April 24, 2020 at Kiewit University. The event is open to IT professionals, architects, developers, administrators, and anyone who is interested in Azure. There is no registration fees for the event and its a free event hosted by community members for community.